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Service Delivery Model

Our Service Delivery Model is very different from most other consulting firms . That is, our primary role is purely advisory - not implementation. So rather than creating a permanent presence in your organization - a posture that would be counter to our driving purpose of providing affordable, independent, objective guidance - this is a resource you can trust to help you create a sound yet creative planning direction and automation/IT investment strategy that is current, flexible and objective in every way.

Technology Strategy Planning

Like most energy and utility enterprises, you probably have substantial investments in automation and information technology. But are you getting the most out of those investments, or do you find that you are constantly starting over with the next great thing on the technology horizon? Our team of senior analysts can show you the way to plan more effectively and more efficiently while actually saving money in both the short and long term by developing a TSP (Technology Strategy Plan) that looks at your automation/IT investments in a different light than you have probably ever seen or considered before.

Product/Technology Research

With so much new technology emerging and new products being introduced almost daily, it's hard to be sure which direction to take -- especially with so many choices of standards, platforms and devices. We can help point the way by providing custom research in areas where you need an accurate, timely, unbiased appraisal of what's out there and whether a particular product, system or service can actually deliver the results you need. Our seasoned team of automation/IT consultants can provide you with comparative cost/benefit analyses and summary assessments of virtually any product/service technology you may be contemplating.

Market Due Diligence

Our Market Capsule Reports (MCRs) summarize 20 areas of automation and information technology in the energy/utility market space including SCADA/RTUs, IEDs and Substation Automation; AMI, AMR & MDM; Mapping & GIS; CIS, CRM & Billing; Outage Management, Work Management & Field Force Management; Demand Response, Distributed Generation & Security -- virtually everything automation/IT-related! Use them to get up to speed fast on product/system platforms, standards, protocols, suppliers, services and more.

Supplier Due Diligence

With nearly 1,000 suppliers in our database, we can provide comparative profiles of those you may be contemplating using in your next project in any of 20 areas of automation and information technology. Or, if you need recommendations on which suppliers have the credentials, experience, tools and track record to meet your needs, we can provide you with a comprehensive analysis quickly that costs less and delivers better, more objective results than any similar effort performed internally.